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Explore all the ways nuclear energy powers the world and all the ways Palo Verde is working to harness that power and provide a clean, reliable source of energy for residents of the Southwest well into the future.

Frequently asked questions

How is nuclear energy created?

Learn the science behind nuclear fission and how it creates the electricity that turns your lights on at home, work and in the community.

What makes Palo Verde Generating Station unique?

Step inside for a quick tour of the facility and learn more.

How much energy does Palo Verde Generating Station produce?

Hint: a lot. In fact, Palo Verde Generating Station is one of the largest producers of clean, carbon-free energy in the nation.

Light up your world!

Take the Mission Fission challenge to split as many atoms as you can while the clock counts down.

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Nuclear Energy compared to Other sources of Energy

You've learned how nuclear energy is created, but how does it stack up to other sources of energy?

How Does Palo Verde Store Future Fuel?

Palo Verde Generating Station is committed to storing used fuel safety and securely long into the future.

Get the facts on nuclear in AZ

One of the nation’s largest clean-air energy producers
Largest contributor to Arizona’s clean-air energy
$2.3 billion impact on
local economies
Largest single AZ taxpayer with nearly $60M annually in property taxes
Employs about 2,000
full-time workers
$123M annual spend with 1,200 Arizona businesses
1-in-3 Palo Verde employees is a veteran
Community Partner for
STEM teachers and students